MayDay Radio is a volunteer-run experiment in oral histories and sound production; it is a place to share equipment and skills; it is a platform to create new oral histories and activate existing archives, those at the MayDay Rooms but also beyond.

Oral History Workshops

Midwinter Day

Audio Arcades Project

Claimants Unions

London Lighthouse

The Ballad of 18 Women

Abolition A-Z

Joyful Militant Sonic Cyberfeminisms

Call Out 2021

Techno Activate

Ernst Schoen Files

Tape Club

Diary of a Squat 1989

Come Quarandine With Me

Audio Gutter Press

sry connection dipped: what do you hear?

Ima-Abasi Okon, Dominique White & Taylor Le Melle in conversation

The Lucas Plan

Bonney in French

None Shall Escape

How To Dream Faster

Schooling & Culture

Sleep Bait

C. Parker Mom Nan

Reading John Wieners

M'aidez! Mayday!