Come Quarandine With Me
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Come Quarandine With Me


On Sunday 17 May 2020, MayDay Radio hosted an audio brunch. It was towards the end of the first phase of lockdown. Those in attendance made food at around 11am and recorded themselves cooking and eating. There was a recipe and instruction guide provided. There was no virtual interaction, no screens or zoom. All the guests cooked and ate separately but in the knowledge that others were doing the same. Some people spoke, others just cooked, catching the sounds around them on various devises. At the table, guests were ask to speak to a number of questions: What’s your favourite brunch memory? What has fomo meant to you in lockdown? Have you ever had a bottomless brunch? The sounds and conversations were then mixed together after the event to provide a snapshot on this very specific day towards the start of the pandemic.

The following guests attended with the following dishes:

Edmund Hardy and Miri Davidson - fried eggs, kale and bread | Pernilla Persson and Celine Nguyen - Ruby Tandoh’s blueberry miso buns | Lucy Duncan - toasted beetroot bread | Holly White - tahini and rhubarb porridge, black coffee and kombucha | Charlotte Grace - "5 minute shakshuka"/Armenian eggs | Georgia Anderson and Georgia T - fried breakfast including hash browns, beans, scrambled eggs, optional bacon, veg sausage and a fried tomato | Helen MacKenzie and Will Swinburne - jam on toast and drank coffee, whilst making nettle pesto | Lyndon Harrison and Lettice Drake - granola and drank coffee | Naomi Weber and Jonny Liron - herby scrambled eggs, avocado on toast and coffee | Ash Reid - home made cinnamon buns (recipe not recommended) | Sarah Crane Brewer - kimchi pancakes and yogurt bowl | Aurelia Guo and Takeo Marquardt - toast etc | Sam Dolbear - cheese and tomato toastie with orange juice and black coffee | Louisa Lee - take away "Pret" pain au chocolat | Josh Cook - pancakes with bacon and strawberries | Hannah Proctor - toast | Rachel Schofield Owen - vegan poppyseed cake w hibiscus syrup

This brunch was hosted by Holly White and Sam Dolbear
Artwork by Holly White
Audio mixed and edited by Sam Dolbear