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Order of excerpts

00:00 – 2 excerpts from 'Video 28' on Section 28 - Ash R

00:57 – 'Lessons in Freedom - the Scotland Rd Free School' - Aymie B

02:13 – "Soundtrack of the german children's TV series "Unser Sandmännchen" – it's a kind of bedtime-sending-to-sleep-programme – which has been going for 50+ years i think" - Alba

03:11 – KCL teach out reads a poem by Sean Bonney for UCU strikes Feb 2020 - Erin L

12:07 – Sean Bonney reads

13:45 – Huhtamaki sings

14:28 – Naomi W sings

14:40 – Luki sings

17:10 – Lizzie H sings

18:39 – Gabriella M sings (featuring baby Derek)

19:07 – Ali H sings (featuring baby Tom)

19:40 – Ash R sings

20:00 – Holly W sings & plays a game recorded in Iona and Peter Opie's The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren (1959)

22:20 – Edmund H reads from a rhyme also recorded in the Opie book with some commentary here

22:39 – Gloria D sings

24:58 – Lyndon H sings

25:28 – 'Summerhill at 70' film excerpts - Aymie B

27:46 – Georgia A's childhood TV shows - Byker Grove (1989-2006), Grange Hill (1978-2008), Round the Twist (1990-2001), Woof! (1989 - 1997), The Queens Nose(1995 - 2003), Demon Headmaster (1996-1998)

32:59 – 'Charley says Always Tell your Mummy' - Freya FD

33:33 – Tube journey ride field recording by Ryan H

Sent by Erin L via email after the event - "an anti-acne infomercial and anti-bullying campaign I felt were both constantly playing on tv and on the note of nursery rhymes, a Taiwanese nursery rhyme engrained in my mind, where the literal translation is something like 'a rickshaw / is going fast / on top is an old lady / the rickshaw driver wants 50 cents / she gives him a dollar / do you think it's weird?' found this video of it where it's recited and filmed over and over again (including the second part about a hungry monkey) by some kids.


On the form:

We're developing a process for gathering audio responses to items from MayDay Room’s archives.

Exploring some items from MayDay's Schooling and Culture collection on radical education practices and the figure of the child.

Gathering found, made and improvised c.5 minute clips, we listened together and chatted about what we could hear. Ideally we're going for DIY collecting, recording, collective production and instant dissemination - in practice - we need to keep experimenting to find out what works.

To get involved with this project, keep an eye on our social media or send an email to