Audio Arcades Project


A Arcades, Magasins de Nouveautés, Sales Clerks
B Fashion
C Ancient Paris, Catacombs, Demolitions, Decline of Paris
D Boredom, Eternal Return
E Haussmannization, Barricade Fighting
F Iron Construction
G Exhibitions, Advertising, Grandville
H The Collector
I The Interior, The Trace
J Baudelaire
K Dream City and Dream House, Dreams of the Future, Anthropological Nihilism, Jung
L Dream House, Museum, Spa
M The Flâneur
N Theory of Knowledge, Theory of Progress
O Prostitution, Gambling
P The Streets of Paris
Q Panorama
R Mirrors
S Painting, Jugendstil, Novelty
T Modes of Lighting
U Saint-Simon, Railroads
V Conspiracies, Compagnonnage
W Fourier
X Marx
Y Photography
Z The Doll, The Automaton
a Social Movement
b Daumier
c .....
d Literary History, Hugo
e .....
f .....
g The Stock Exchange, Economic History
h .....
i Reproduction Technology, Lithography
j .....
k The Commune
l The Seine, The Oldest Paris
m Idleness
n .....
o .....
p Anthropological Materialism, History of Sects
q .....
r École Polytechnique
s .....
t .....
u .....
v .....
w .....
x .....
y .....
z .....


Convolute A:
Read by Eve Richens in Neukölln in November 2020

Convolute B:
Read by Esther Leslie in her Birkbeck office on 24 August 2015

Convolute C:
Read by Sean Bonney in his kitchen in Walthamstow on 14 August 2015

Convolute N:
Read by Jacob Bard-Rosenberg in Marylebone on 23 December 2015

Convolute P:
Read by Isabel Cadenas Cañón at Birzeit University in December 2015

Convolute V:
Read by Christina Chalmers at MayDay Rooms on 15 July 2015

Convolute O:
Read by Hannah Proctor in Glasgow in January 2021

Convolute W:
A selection read by Avery Gordon in London in January 2022

Convolute Z:
Read by Lucy Duncan in Glasgow in January 2021

Convolute k:
Read by Sharon Kivland in Brizard in November 2020

Convolute l:
Read by Caroline Adler in her flat in Neukölln on 27 April 2021

Convolute m:
Read by Yanik Avila at Kalil Sakakini Cultural Center in Ramallah 14 December 2015

Convolute r:
Read by Francis Haselden in Brizard in January 2021 (photo below taken in the École Normale Supérieure, Paris)

Project producer: Sam Dolbear
Website build: Jan Gerber


For some theoretical background to the project see 'On the Arcades Audio Project'

If you would like to record a convolute or volunteer in some way to complete this project, please also get in touch.